Jim + Jeannette Wedding

It might have been cold, but Jeanette rocked the fur! A very classy yet fun wedding over at the Carl House which is an awesome historic venue just a little over an hour northwest of Atlanta in Auburn, GA. It was a great way to start to start off my year right! Wish them many happy years!

Kelly + Nick Wedding Highlights

Throughout Kelly + Nick’s wedding, the only thing more evident than their love towards each other was their love for God. From speeches to vows, it’s awesome to see a couple so strong in their faith.

Georgia Center for Opportunity: Breakthrough

I had an awesome time filming this event for Georgia Center for Opportunity. One of my favorite parts of being a videographer is being able to catch a glimpse into other people’s lives and knowledge. And this one was really awesome to see.

It was great to hear all of the ways that people are working to impact people lives and help them out of poverty.  That there are statistical ways to avoid poverty and achieve a successful life.  Hope you enjoy the highlight video.

Alyssa & Grant Wedding Highlights – Jefferson, GA

Super awesome couple that I had the pleasure of filming! They got married in this cool venue called the Cotton Mill Event Venue (Or The Mill Event Venue). It’s based in Jefferson, GA. It’s one part rustic event hall, one part abandoned warehouse. It gives the ability to capture very apocalyptic looking photos only a walk away (very important on wedding day!).  We had an early exit which enabled us to get the final exit shots at “Golden Hour” (30 minutes before and after the sunsets) Check it out!

Phoebe + Kevin at Cavender Castle in Dahlonega, GA

Phoebe and Kevin might be my favorite couple. (Am I allowed to say that?) Their story is just so awesome coming from completely different sides of the world and background. Only a God as powerful as the one they believe in would be able to bring these two amazing people together. Such amazing people and the first to invite me to something after their wedding. Their so warm and inviting to everyone they meet. Their wedding was just as unique as they are with inspirations from Lord of the Rings!

This was also my first time at Cavender Castle. It’s such a unique venue with cool locations like an outdoor ceremony in the woods and awesome galley style wood tables. Check it out! https://cavendercastle.com/

Yolanda + Bonheur Wedding at the Grande in Kennesaw, GA

Couples who are strong in their faith are always awesome to be around. Bonheur was just so obviously filled with joy through the day.

This was my first time at the Grande.  It’s a pretty cool place just off from downtown Kennesaw. The venue has everything a wedding needs (from a videographer’s perspective) a cool outside ceremony spot, a nice place inside for the reception, and plenty of cool photo spots.

Shana + Carlton Wedding at Chateau Elan Winery & Resort in Braselton, GA

Shana Conyers is a wedding planner and her wedding sure shows it! All of the decorations are exquisite and thoroughly thought out.

This was my first time at Chateau Elan Winery & Resort. It had lots of awesome spots for pictures in the vineyard with a huge space in the atrium for the ceremony as well as plenty of ballrooms for receptions. Even just the hallways are beautiful and perfect for photos.

Why are wedding videographers (and photographers) so expensive?

*Disclaimer: I love my job, but it’s not for the money…

I’ve gotten the remark before that “X amount of dollars for 8 hours of work, that’s pretty good” or “Hurry up, I’m paying this photographer $100/hr”. Let’s say a particular package is $1400. A bit of money. And in many people’s minds, it works out to $1400 divided by 8 hours or $175/hr. That’s a lot of money per hour. (like lawyer/doctor level)  And I think that’s a common misconception about weddings work in general.  I think on average, I spend 40-50 hours per wedding.  With preparation, meeting(s), preparing the gear, shooting the wedding, syncing the clips, editing the feature and highlight videos, writing blog posts, ect. If I were to include uploading and rendering, it would be another 10-12 hours. That brings down that hourly rate to more in the $28-35/hr (without rendering/uploading), which is a decent hourly rate. But that’s not the whole truth.

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Shanda + Alan’s Wedding at the Gray Dove in Ooltewah, TN

Shanda and Alan had an awesome southern barn style wedding with Mexican inspirations such as Banda music and a lasso ceremony.

Despite the summer heat, The Gray Dove was the perfect venue for Shanda and Alan. It had an amazing place for them to get ready, a shaded hill to have the wedding and plenty of cool spots for photos!

Shanda and Alan have already been together 12 years but I’m sure they’ll have many more to come!