Why you should hire a small business vendor?

Recently I saw this article about a bride who hadn’t received her photos after 3 years! One thing that stuck out to me was that the photographer had “over 900” clients a year and that reminded me of why important to hire small business vendors. Here are a couple reasons why small businesses are better suited for weddings

#1 Small details don’t fall through the cracks.

When large companies cover your wedding, the small details of your wedding fall through the cracks. Often times you’ll have one person at the company doing sales and preparation with you, another will shoot your wedding, and a third will edit your video. Between these hand-offs, it’s very easy for information to be lost in translation. If you hire a small business vendor, often times that’s all handled by one or two people removing chances for miscommunication.

#2 More Personal

With smaller companies, they’ll have more time for each client.

#3 You know what you’ll get

Just because a large company has an awesome photo gallery or video samples, doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll end up with. If there are multiple shooters, there’s always a chance that you end up with something less than what was promised with the image galleries.

#4 It’s their company

Even if you get a highly quality photographer or videographer at a big company, you often times won’t get a photographer willing to go the extra mile for you. It’s not their reputation or company on the line at every wedding.

A couple of my favorite venues in Northern Georgia and Atlanta!

Venues are obviously super important to a wedding! It’s where the wedding is going to take place. If it’s too small, there’s not enough space for everyone to fit. If it’s too big, then you’ll likely spend a lot of your day walking across it! haha!

There are a ton of venues in North Georgia that I love. With rooms on site for Brides and groomsmen to get ready. Venue changes from Getting Ready to photos to ceremony to reception can be exhausting for your vendors, wedding party, and for the hours of coverage!

I’d highly recommend trying to find one location that can meet all of your wedding needs. (if need be, maybe getting ready at a nearby Airbnb or hotel)


Koury Farms  – ​Auburn, GA

Koury Farms is probably my Favorite venue! It’s where I filmed Lindsey and Jake’s wedding. The venue has a cute little vineyard which is perfect for photo sessions with the wedding party as well with the bride/groom. They have both a Bride and Groom getting ready/prep room. Also everything is super close together which means very little travel time between events! If your not opposed to a barn style venue, this is the venue to choose.

Learn more at http://kouryfarms.com/


Cavendar Castle  – Dahlonega, GA

On a budget and looking for something unique? Cavendar Castle is a unique twist on a wedding venue. This venue is sure to make you look and feel like a queen. They have plenty of cool spots from a large deck to a forrest ceremony location. This is one to check out!

Learn more at https://cavendercastle.com/



I’ve done weddings on parent’s front yards, in barns, on fields, or downtown Atlanta parading down Peachtree Rd! No matter where it is, every weddign is beautiful!

These are just a few of my favorites. But as time passes, I’ll be sure to add more of my favorite venues!

My Favorite Wedding Photographers in Atlanta, GA

As a wedding videographer, I work very closely with many wedding photographers. In fact I’ve worked with so many I’ve probably lost count! Wedding photographers are there throughout the day with the bride, groom, and videographer. It’s crucial that you get an awesome one! So here are just a few of my favorite I’ve worked with (there are plenty of other awesome photographers too though!)

Paul Ward

Paul Ward is one of my favorite photographers. He knows how to communicate effectively and just generally make everyone around him feel great! A great photographer is so important in determining the mood of your day, Paul is sure to make sure everything runs smoothly!

Learn more at http://Paulward.info


Rikki Ellis of Envisioning Freedom – Photography

Rikki Ellis is awesome christian gal who knows how to communicate effectively with the other vendors and make sure everything runs smoothly!

Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/envisioningfreedom/


Livvy Kristin Photography of Wildly Wed

Olivia (Livvy) is an old friend who’ve I’ve worked with on countless projects together with. She’s awesome at making couples feel comfortable and her photoshoots are always filled with laughter.

Learn more at https://www.wildlywed.com/


Nicole DiStefano Photography

Nicole is my girlfriend who’s just begun her adventure in her photographer career. If your looking for a photographer for portrait sessions, a photo of your dog/cat, a courthouse wedding, proposal, second photographer, or elopement? She’s your gal! She’s quirk and loads of fun!

Check out her work at http://nicoledistefano.com/


To be continued….. As I work with more and more wedding and event professionals, I continue to update this blog post to accurately reflect my favorite photographers!

My favorite DJs in Atlanta (and one in Chattanooga)

DJs are a super important choice in your wedding day. They run half of your wedding! A good DJ who can pick the right songs, communicate with other vendors, and introduce everyone’s names correctly is rare to come by.

As a videographer, I work with quite a few different DJs closely throughout the reception to makes sure I know when and where things are going to be happening. While there are certainly many other good DJs in Atlanta, here are some of my favorite DJs to work with.


House of Harlow – Atlanta Based DJ

Ernie is a laid back awesome guy. He ensures everyone is well informed on events. Every bride I’ve ever worked with have been very happy with him! While he may not have all of the latest rap hits, He’s sure to make your wedding reception easy sailing.

Learn more at https://www.weddingwire.com/biz/house-of-harlow-dj-alpharetta-atlanta/ca8d429d726cd1ad.html


Scenic Event Solutions – Chattanooga, TN

I know. They aren’t based in Atlanta. But I do a lot of weddings in North Georgia and Logan from Scenic Event Solutions is one of the best DJs I’ve ever worked with! He’s one of the few DJs who can get everyone dancing AND communicates amazing with everyone. He comes highly reccomended from me. He also offers a lot of add-ons like bartenders and photo booths so that you can get all of your reception needs from one place.

Learn more at https://sceniceventsolutions.com


DJ Tay – Atlanta, GA

DJ Tay is not only awesome at getting people dancing but also a super nice guy. He’s on this list in part because I had forgotten some camera equipment at the venue and he was super helpful in getting it back to me. I’d highly recommend him!

Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/DJTayProductions/


To be continued….. As I work with more and more wedding and event professionals, I continue to update this blog post to accurately reflect my favorite Djs!

One of our couples featured in Southern Charm Weddings

One of our couples got a feature on the blog, Southern Charm Weddings! The event was photographed by Krisandra Evans Photography.

In the article, Kaitlyn and Krisandra recount the important moments of the day. Kaitlyn says that one of her favorite moment of the day was an interaction with Zanne’s Grandmother. “Zane’s biological mother died when he was very young. Zane’s grandmother made my garter out of her wedding dress, and wrote such a special note for me. As a bride, it meant more than she, or anyone, will ever know.” – Kaitlyn

You can read the full article on Southern Charm Weddings

Why Choosing an experienced Videographer and Photographer is important

The following is an unfortunate event following a bride who picked an affordable photographer off Facebook who shot her wedding for only $250.

I don’t like to scare people but professional photographers and videographers have spent years learning their craft so that they can capture moments that will only happen once. It might seem like a pricey ordeal but it can be much more expensive to not have those memories.

Here are some more of my thoughts on it.



Jim + Jeannette Wedding

It might have been cold, but Jeanette rocked the fur! A very classy yet fun wedding over at the Carl House which is an awesome historic venue just a little over an hour northwest of Atlanta in Auburn, GA. It was a great way to start to start off my year right! Wish them many happy years!