Siren’s Project Texas

Working with Siren’s Project was an amazing experience. This was my first trip with them and I had no idea what to expect. You can never plan out too far in advance for disaster relief, it seemed like one moment I had said yes, the next I was on a plane to Texas.

What really inspired me on this project was the heart wrenching stories of the people impacted and seeing their hope restored as people showed up to help them repair. It seemed like every step of the way was a God story.

I’m not skilled in one particular area but I have two hands and two feet…I know I can make a difference and that’s what inspires me.


This Project was shot on entirely on my Sony A6300. I bit on my trust Sigma 56mm F/1.4 on a Zhuyin Crane V2. (as seen above) I had to pack light to fly on this project.