Why hire a videographer over a marketing agency?

1) Cost

Cost is probably the biggest factor in whether you should choose to hire an individual videographer or a marketing agency. Prices for a Marketing Agency can be up to 10x the cost of hiring an independent videographer or video production company. For a lot of obvious reasons such as less cost of doing business. Also Marketing agencies usually will offer a brand strategy for your video productions. (However a competent videographer/video production company can also advise you on your video marketing plan)

2) You’re a local Company

Marketing agencies are great at working with talent all around the country. But if you’re a local or regional company, it may be better to work with a local videographer. You’ll be able to see who you’re working with. It also helps cuts out the middle man in any communications.

3) Better control over quality

By deciding the person that you work with, you’ll be able to have a better say in who you work with. While a video agency might have a great video reel, the videographer they hire to do your video may not be as talented. A videographer’s reel however will be a very similar quality to the final video.

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